Get the lib!

We are offering the entire API Protector .NET package for only USD $ 5. This is a minimum contribution that we ask, for be able to use part of our time to mantain this library and other beautiful projects on the web. Without the help of people like you, we have no alternative but to use all our time in our jobs to be able to live. (Thanks for your understanding.)

Helping us with only USD $ 5, you will receive an e-mail that give you immediate access to:

  • API Protector .NET library for MVC (Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc)
  • API Protector .NET library for WebApi (Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi)
  • API Protector .NET library for .NET Core 3.0, 3.1 and .NET 5.0  (Microsoft.AspNetCore.App)
  • Sample projects. 3 well documented and ready-to-deploy sample API projects, showing how to protect an API with API Protector .NET.
  • Access to additional information about the sample projects.
  • The test tool (and its source code), to quickly make parallel HTTP requests to your APIs to check the protections of each function.

Keeping the received e-mail you will always be able to download future versions.

NOTE: the e-mail will be send automatically to the email of your PayPal account, or the mail that you specify during the payment process.

If you have any problem with your payment, or for some reason you do not receive the e-mail, write us to: support(at)